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We are very excited to bring you this wonderful program that I am sure your will find intriguing.

Registration begins at 5:30 pm including refreshments and networking.  Bring business cards.

Aenor Sawyer MD  - Digital Health

Video: Dr. Sawyer is an Orthopaedic Surgeon at UCSF

Dr Sawyer is a leader in Digital Health innovation at UCSF as the Associate Director of Strategic Relations for the Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) and the Associate Director of the Digital Health track in the CTSI Catalyst accelerator. She is a Clinical Adviser to Rock Health, an Adviser to Open Placement and 1eq, and is on the Clinical Advisory Board for Epocrates. Dr. Sawyer co-founded Trinity, a HIPAA compliant, web-based collaboration technology for virtual Tumor Board and multidisciplinary management (MDM) of complex patients, now in pilot at UCSF. Dr. Sawyer has served on UCSF IT committees for Telemedicine, and Web-based/ mobile technology, and is a member of the NIH CTSA TSIG Telehealth Committee. As an ‘Expedition Medic’ for world-record ocean rowers, she has employed remote sensing/communication to provide remote medical coverage and co-developed WEARHUB with Archinoetics. She is faculty advisor to the UCSF Pediatric Device Consortium, Project Director for Roboimplant.


She is co-developing a safe early-mobility device for in-patients (Mobi-us). As an Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCSF Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr Sawyer combines her interest in innovation with her clinical expertise in Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy, and Exercise Physiology to provide comprehensive musculoskeletal care. She is Director of the UCSF Skeletal Health Service and Director of the Pediatric Bone Health Consortium, helping Pediatric to Geriatric patients optimize their bone health across their lifespans. Dr Sawyer’s career includes 10 years as a Physical Therapist, after which she received an M.S. in Human Physiology and her M.D. from the University of California, Davis. In the Sutter system she Co-Directed a Cardiac Rehab program for 5 years. Upon completion of her Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Stanford University, she completed fellowship training in Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgery and Paediatric/Adolescent Sports Medicine, both at Boston Children’s Hospital, in the Harvard Orthopaedic program.


Featuring 4 Innovative Healthcare Startups.

Chiron Health

Chiron Health is a unique telemedicine platform for outpatient follow-up care—with full regulatory and reimbursement support for physician practices. While many physicians believe telemedicine will play an important role in the future of healthcare delivery, the technology is currently limited primarily to academic medical centers and large health systems. In addition, given complicated state medical board regulations, HIPAA privacy concerns, and difficult reimbursement, the majority of physicians in the U.S. simply don’t have the resources to offer telemedicine services to their patients who need it most. Chiron Health changes this dynamic by providing a secure technology platform that leverages the existing computers, tablets, and mobile devices that physicians and patients use every day, and by providing a high-touch service component that handles all of the regulatory and administrative complexities of practicing telemedicine—including full reimbursement from private payers.



DynoSense has a patented, advanced, and cloud-based health scanning platform that can be integrated into community of care-givers, trainers, pharmacists, doctors, and family members. Our patented Dynosensor (or “Dyno” for short) is world’s first fully integrated multi-function health scanner technology that can capture a broad range of health data. All fundamental vitals that can be captured are; [i] Electrocardiogram (ECG), for all heart parameters and heart related irregularities. [ii] Photoplethysmography for extracting Blood Oxygen (SPO2), or Hemoglobin (SpHb) [iii] Pulmonary Plethysmography,  for extracting respiration rate, breathing volume and breathing efficiency [iv] Core Temperature and [v] Blood Pressure Changes, all in less than 60 seconds with a single action from the user. Dyno technology is medical grade quality, elegant, unique and has intelligent user interface for correct usage, whereas existing market offerings have complex setup, requiring multiple sensor devices, or lack adequate accuracy.


iDoc24 has developed a cloud platform and a set of mobile apps that allow for HIPAA secure image uploads of worrisome dermatologic conditions. The app works by allowing users to send photos of the externally affected areas of skin to a licensed dermatologist anonymously, which are reviewed and assessed within 24 hours of submission by the user. No registration or user account is needed. Personal identification information such as name, email or meta data is not collected and the user is therefore anonymous.  The app also has a skin book and geo-location capabilities used to display a map showing the nearest pediatrician, dermatologist and pharmacy based on the user’s location.



Althea Health
Althea Health is creating a new research ecosystem for rare & neglected diseases. Our platform empowers rare disease communities to be equal partners with researchers and industry in the pursuit of better treatment options and eventually cures for the 30 million Americans with a rare disease. The Althea Platform plugs into a community’s existing website and allows them to easily move beyond the usual anecdotal exchanges to bubble up shared health insights, collect longitudinal data, engage researchers, leverage social networks to crowd fund formal research, and advance knowledge of their condition.

MEDxForward and Venture-Med 


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