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Venture-Med is a unique membership organization of accredited investors interested in healthcare innovation and intelligence.  We are one of the newest angel investment groups in Silicon Valley, and we offer the healthcare entrepreneur a unique focus and expertise in the space.  We provide insight and guidance for startups, while at the same time providing a screened opportunity to our members.

We have a Silicon Valley Chapter (WSGR) and a new San Francisco Chapter (Pillsbury Law).

We focus on early startups with a great team, have intellectual property, solve a unique and tangible problem, and a focus on lean startup principles.

We are open to listening to every entrepreneur that has “fire in their belly” and “passion in the heart,” because it takes these ingredients and innovative thinking to produce the best and most successful startups.

When presenting at both chapters, each presenter has 10 minutes to speak and 10 min to answer questions.


There is no fee to present.  We are here to assist entrepreneurs including:

  • Reviewing and advising business strategy
  • CEO coaching in preparation to present to investors
  • Reviewing and recommending capital structure and equity strategy
  • Presenting to two venture communities in Palo Alto and San Francisco
  • Post event recording of the investor pitch onto secure website to augment message and allow investors the opportunity to view on their own time frame
  • Hosting of video investor pitch for 1 year
  • Assisting with syndication of offering
  • Access to our advisory panel.


If you have a healthcare startup company and would like to be considered to present, we are pleased to review your opportunity.  There is no fee to present to Venture-Med. The application below is to apply to Venture-Med.

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Please fill out the application and return it to us at:

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This is a very exciting time for entrepreneurs in this space as healthcare IT and medical device companies are having excellent M&A exits. According to Price Waterhouse’s Money Tree report, 41% of the venture capital comes from Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay area. These firms are looking to invest with a success rate of 1 in 10 being a big success, which in turn must provide a 15X return in order to provide an adequate return. The incubator model for startups has been shown to provide a 3 in 10 success, this produces a significant opportunity!  Funding plus nurturing produces results.  Best of luck in your funding endeavors.  Jose Bolanos, Managing Director


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