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CoreMobile to Enhance Surgical Suite Operations.

CoreMobile is a startup company in Northern California that is automating processes in the operating room.  Many times when a patient is scheduled for surgery, processes break down and the surgery may be delayed or rescheduled.  It may be that paperwork, lab, or xrays were not available or maybe the patient ate when they were not supposed to.

CoreMobile is a new platform for assisting the OR team to coordinate and be more efficient.


1. Chandra Tekwani Shekhar CEO of CoreMobile

2. Jeffrey Rogers, CEO – and investment platform for accredited investors to directly invest with healthcare startups.

3. Jose Bolanos, MD;  Managing Director – – a membership organization focused on advances in healthcare innovation. Interested investors may inquire

4. Phillip Pellerin; Venture-Med Advisor and expert in hospital supply chain management.


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