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[sections] [section title=”G-tech Medical | Steve Axelrod, PhD, CEO”]

G-tech medical is a gastrointestinal diagnostics company focused on functional disorders that elude most medical practitioners such as irritable bowel syndrome.  G-tech is developing a technology that uses simple disposable patches on the abdomen that perform analysis of the different parts of the intestinal tract and send those messages to the cloud for analysis and evaluation of hypo or hyper motility disorders.  Steve Axelrod PhD is a physicist by training and he and his team have developed very proprietary data analysis tools to help these patients.

[/section] [section title=”Sense.ly | Adam Odessky, CEO / Ivana Schnur, MD, PhD, CMO”]

Sense.ly is an advanced technology platform that goes beyond telemedicine and into the realm of virtual reality to communicate with patient better. The platform provides a virtual assistant which is the most realistic to date which performs pre-screening of patients over the internet using an ipad and uses natural language processing to gather and input the patient’s responses into the prescreening system.  This allows for enhanced efficiency and saves on nurse time. They were winners of the Open App Challenge and the Allscripts Challenge.


[/section] [section title=”Healium | Carl Spitzer, MD, CEO”]

Healium is an innovative new company with technology that will transform the way healthcare practitioners interact with patients and their electronic medical records.  The technology uses google glass as an interface and voice commands to present medical information to the physician.

Healium produces advanced clinical tools with an emphasis on a “delightful and effortless user experience”. They leverage cutting-edge user interface design, augmented reality, clinical language understanding, and context-aware predictive technology to enhance the physician productivity, satisfaction and quality of care.

Healium Logo

[/section]  [section title=”Spine Align Medical | Paul Chirico, CEO / Hugh Sharkey, COO”]

Spine Align is introducing a medical device that treats vertebral body fractures that are prevalent and painful in the aging population.  Contributing factors such as osteoporosis makes this condition a consequence.  The restitution and fixation of the vertebral body alleviates the pain and prevents kyphosis.  It uses proprietary technology and is minimally invasive.  Two nitinol cubical cages are inserted through a 5mm incision and they expand to hold the end plates in place, then cement is inserted to fixate.  There is clinical data from a 100 patient study done in Europe and which places them in a very good position for a 510 K FDA approval and CE mark approval.  Patients will benefit greatly and surgeons are very pleased with the new technology.

Spine Align Logo





[sections] [section title=”Fosmo Med | Ben Parks, CEO”]

Fosmo Med has developed a brand new technology for medical devices, specifically for the IV treatment market with Majiâ„¢ that will revolutionize the industry. Fosmo Med uses patent pending Forward Osmosis (FO) based IV bags that utilizes any salts to deliver diluted solution to humans using an intravenous method.

Fosmo Med Logo

[/section] [section title=”Comblmmune | Jason Yonehiro, CEO”]

CombImmune’s near-term corporate goals are the development, clinical utility validation, and commercialization of a 2 gene-expression (Two Gene Score or TGS) companion prognostic model for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) which predicts a patient’s therapeutic response and overall survival.

CombImmune Logo

[/section] [section title=”Jan Medical | Paul Lovoi, CEO”]

Jan Medical’s Nautilus NeuroWaveTM is an advanced measurement system that provides aid to diagnosis for stroke victims. The Nautilus NeuroWave non-invasively provides clinicians critical information using signals from a cranial accelerometry array.

Jan Medical Logo

[/section]  [section title=”LUTS Technologies | Gerardo Noriega, CEO”]

LUTS Technologies has developed and is pioneering the use of low frequency vibration (LFW) as a platform technology for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The technology  offers a non-surgical painless, gentle and effective method for cellular disruption, with rapid recovery, no inflammation, and no side effects.

[/section] [section title=”All Clear Diagnostics | James Guzzetta, CEO”]

All Clear Diagnostics’ (ACDx) is a medical device company in the business of developing significant improvements to cardiac and multi-modal monitoring for acute, chronic and preventative care applications. Its premier product, ClearECG for MRI, provides the 1st-ever patient safety, diagnostic ECG monitoring during MRI procedures and facilitates significant improvements to MRI workflow. These capabilities enable MRI growth into multi-billion dollar market segments.

All Clear Diag Logo

[/section] [section title=”eZeBrush | Michael Ziadeh, CEO”]

eZe Brush is a novel toothbrush that solves the problem of properly brushing, while traveling, in a very revolutionary way. eZe Brush features a toothpaste cartridge and a high quality toothbrush cleverly combined into a slim and durable case. The retractable brush is easily extended, with one hand, while toothpaste is simultaneously applied onto the bristles, for maximum ease of use. eZe Brush is a sanitary and effective way for anyone to maintain proper dental hygiene and a beautiful smile, while away from home.

eZe Brush Logo

[/section] [section title=”Core Mobile | Chandra Tekwani Shekhar, CEO”]

Core Mobile’s solution coined “Corey” is created to meet the needs of the mobile enterprise user who is drowning in ocean of information by smartly providing instant access to just the relevant information based on what you need, when you need it, right on your smartphone or tablet, after obtaining critical information from enterprise applications, cloud services and social media.

CoreMobile Logo

[/section] [section title=”Impact Meds | David Parpart, CEO”]

Impact meds has launched a platform technology that is a cloud based service that enables pharmacists to educate patients about their medications, all by video conferencing.  The impact of helping patient become more compliant with medication regimens is significant.  Patients are kept healthier and out of the emergency room.  Disease processes are managed better.  Pharmaceutical companies recoup the losses in revenue when patients don’t take their medicines.  Pharmacists have a renewed function in the management of the patient.

ImpactMeds Logo

[/section] [section title=”Tiatros | Kimberlie Cerrone, CEO”]

Tiatros is dedicated to harnessing and integrating new technologies that allow doctors, patients and families to collaborate in ways that improve the practice of medicine. Designed by field leaders in medicine, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics and business, Tiatros allows better healthcare to be delivered to more patients at a lower cost. The technology platform is a SAAS based model delivering a best of breed coordinated care continuum revolving around the patient.  The system has been tested by UCSF for over 3 years and has passed its extremely high security standards.  The Tiatros system provides a secure platform for digital records, dicom images, and telemedicine functionality.

Tiatros Logo

[/section] [section title=”CliniCast | Jack Challis, CEO”]

CliniCast empowers providers to identify patients and recommend interventions to reduce preventable hospitalizations. ARTO uses sophisticated, individualized models to compute accurate predictions of risks and expected costs. The ARTO system is a complete Patient Risk Management Solution, helps healthcare providers unlock more value from their electronic medical data. Using both structured and unstructured data, our solutions provide actionable insights that translate directly into lower costs and better outcomes.

Clinicast Logo

[/section] [section title=”HD Medical | Arvind Thiagarajan ‘AT’, CEO”]

The ViScope (visual stethoscope) is a compact electronic stethoscope combining a high resolution visual display with traditional auscultation.  For the first time medical professionals are able to perform dynamic auscultation and “see the heart beats they hear in real-time visual waveforms that are presented in the format of the classical phonocardiogram.  Superior auscultation with visualization creates a superior clinical diagnostic environment.

The HDfono is the first of its kind audio visual auscultation device capable of displaying heart sounds in the form of waveforms. The device has an excellent audio which is adjustable. Apart from displaying heart sounds, the device also filters murmurs and displays them separately allowing the user to understand the nature of the anomaly. The device has electronically adjustable BELL, DIA and LUNG modes making it convenient for the user to use like a regular high end stethoscope. The device functions on a rechargeable lithium ion battery making it suitable for screening large patients.

HD Medical Logo

[/section] [section title=”Talon Biometrics | Charles Garvin, CEO”]

Talon Biometrics is a developer of molecular tests for the huge and rapidly growing markets in genetic testing.  Talon has introduced startlingly simple, patent-protected technology which removes four of the most important limitations of molecular assays:  uneven accuracy, high cost, difficult workflow, and limited capability to test many sequences from a single sample (multiplexing).  Talon’s technology will dramatically improve prenatal and newborn-infant screening; clinical screening to determine what bacterial or viral pathogens are causing particular symptoms; and companion diagnostics to determine which drug therapies are appropriate for particular patients.

Talon Biometrics Logo

[/section] [section title=”Respiratory Motion | Jenny Freeman, CEO”]

The ExSpironTM system is an innovative and accurate approach to assessing respiratory function. By passing a small amount of electrical current across several vectors through the lung, and exploiting the large conductivity difference between air and tissue, it is able to accurately quantify the amount of air moving in and out of the lung in real time.

Respiratory Motion Logo

[/section] [section title=”PhysioCue | Simon Yi, CEO”]

PhysioCue has developed a Class 1, FDA-cleared, neuro-stimulation medical device clinically proven to help hypertensive patients reduce high blood pressure. The device is non-invasive and works by simple contact with the skin in the appropriate area. Unlike traditional drug treatments, Acutend is efficient, safe, easy to use, non-invasive and has none of the side effects associated with anti-hypertensive drugs. Patent was approved in US in May 2010 by USPTO (filed 11/05).

Acutend Logo

[/section] [section title=”Prescient Surgical | Joe Tartaglia, CEO”]

Prescient Surgical has created a novel medical device called CleanCision which is a single-use surgical wound protection device, which integrates controlled fluid delivery, wound barrier protection and surgical retraction. Clinical evidence validates that wound barrier protection and antibiotic fluid delivery reduce infection rates.  A randomized clinical trial evaluating continuous manual antibiotic irrigation in 200 patients demonstrated a 67% reduction in wound infection rates. The CleanCision is the first device to combine both of these strategies into a novel, easier to use retractor.

Prescient Logo

[/section] [section title=”Image 32 | Bob Pellican, CEO”]

Image32 has a proprietary Cloud based platform that allows for easy sharing of radiology images between doctors, patients, and family while delivering a conferencing capability and “curbside consult” benefits for primary physicians referring to specialists.

Image 32 Logo

[/section] [section title=”Cytovale | Ajay Shah, CEO”]

CytoVale is commercializing a platform technology developed at UCLA for rapid, label-free analysis of nuclear structure at the single cell level. Our core technology enables the rapid interrogation of a variety of clinical fluid samples for the presence of disease-causing cells. CytoVale’s platform technology has the potential to deliver better patient care while reducing systemic healthcare costs across multiple commercial applications in critical care. Our lead product will address the need for cost-effective identification and severity of septic patients earlier in the disease process, allowing aggressive treatment sooner, reducing hospital stay duration, and improving patient outcomes.

CytoVale Logo

[/section]Â[section title=”eTherapi | Jesse Sandoval, CEO”]

eTherapi is telemedicine platform for psychiatrists and psychology therapists.  They provide a HIPAA compliant scheduling, video, and payment platform for private consultations. Therapists now have a new way of providing care to their patients for a low monthly rate.

eTherapi Logo

[/section] [section title=”Clinovo | Ale Gicqueau, CEO”]

Clinovo is a one-stop Clinical Data Solutions Provider dedicated to speeding up time to market of biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical companies. With a Singular Technology Advantage and years of clinical Best Practices, Clinovo is able to deliver excellent quality clinical services at a competitive price.

Clinovo Logo

[/section] [section title=”WHILL | Surgie Satoshi, CEO”]

WHILL is the next generation of personal mobility, making it easy, enjoyable, and cool to ride on the sidewalk for anyone with difficulty walking, including the disabled and the elderly. The design is quite unique, Whill can turn on a dime because of a front wheel (tricycle design) can roll sideways.

Whill Logo

[/section] [section title=”Liviam | Josh Margulies, CEO”]

Liviam is a social network for families and friends that are there to support you when you are in the hospital or convalescing at home.  It makes it easy to schedule the those important little things in your life, like feeding your pets, picking up your mail and keeping all up to date on your progress.  When you are at home and need help, Liviam helps you schedule assistance with meals, visits, and communication.

Liviam Logo

[/section] [section title=”Medable | Michelle Longmire, MD, CEO”]

Medable is the new starting place for mobile healthcare applications. Medable consolidates HIPAA compliance and healthcare data portability standards for rapid medical grade application development and deployment. Using Medable dramatically reduces cost and time and enables developers to start building tech without the headaches of HIPAA compliance and data structure. Medable handles the plumbing – and more – so developers can start building life changing healthcare applications.

Medable Logo

[/section] [section title=”Somnarus | Maria Merchant, PhD, MBA, CEO”]

Somnarus is a healthcare IT business enabled by its patented sleep apnea portable monitoring technology  SomnaPatch – an easy-to-apply, comfortable-to-wear patch, which collects and stores sleep data. The test is designed to provide an accurate diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing and to meet the health insurance reimbursement requirements. The product’s light weight and a BandAid-like strip form factor enable a superior business service model, in which the monitors are conveniently delivered to patient’s home, thus, eliminating the main barriers to testing of the currently undiagnosed patients.

Somnarus Logo

[/section][section title=”Trak Male Fertility Tracker | Greg Sommer, PhD, CEO”]

When couples are trying to conceive, there are products to assist women with determining ovulation but nothing for assessing male factors.  Trak is a new consumer home test for providing a new way for men to self assess semen quality perameters such as count and motility.

Trak Logo

[/section][section title=”TS3 Medical | Mallik Thatipelli, MD, CEO”]

When a vascular obstruction occurs such as in the coronary arteries which initiate a heart attack or in lower limbs where amputation might be occur, opening up the passage is crucial.  The new TS3 vascular drill allows for a more precise method to pass a guide wire through the center of the obstruction and then pass a stent balloon catheter.

TS3 Medical Logo




[sections] [section title=”Vascular Access Technologies | Pat Burt, CEO”]

Many patients who are critically ill and need central IV line placement for nutrition, antibiotics, or medicines are at a high risk for potential complications.  VAT’s new catheter system brings the guide wire from the inside out, allowing the physician complete assurance, avoiding potential pneumothorax or large vessel injury which can be a lethal complication.

Vascular Access Technologies

[/section] [section title=”LifeMed ID | David Batchelor, CEO”]

LifeMed ID provides a software solution for hospitals, clinics, and physician networks that bridges the data silo problem.  The solution is a HIPAA compliant and secure universal patient identity in the cloud that provides enhanced security, efficiency, decreased errors, and decreased fraud. Patients register with the LifeMed ID Smart Card at each participating location and all data is synchronized providing accurate demographic, insurance, and emergency health information.

LifeMed ID

[/section] [section title=”Silver Bullet | Paul Chirico, CEO”]

The new patented technology uses a novel approach in small implants, bone screws that are dipolar in nature creating an ionic cloud of silver in the surrounding tissue and killing bacteria.  This may be used to treat osteomyelitis, tuberculous spinal abscesses, prevention of soft tissue and bone infections in open fractures.

Silver Bullet Therapeutics

[/section] [section title=”Spirosure | Solomon Ssenyange, CEO”]

The Spirosure breathalyzer is both a desktop and a portable device that measures nitric oxide in the exhaled breath to give the patient or doctor an indication of the severity of the asthma attack. Private insurance companies began reimbursing for the use of nitric oxide measurement devices by asthma patients after the American Thoracic Society introduced guidelines in September 2011.


[/section] [section title=”Bioxiness | Mansour Bassiri, CEO”]

Bioxiness’ newly patented technology addresses the problem of anti-biotic resistant organisms.  This is a new platform for antimicrobial destruction at the site of protein synthesis.  It is a small molecule based on methionine and has the potential to provide early licensing liquidity events with Big Pharma.


[/section] [section title=”Informedika | Steve Yaskin, CEO”]

Informatika’s newly patented technology uses a novel approach in bringing diagnostic testing ordering and results to the physician by desktop or mobile. This may replace all other web apps for the physician because it incorporates many intelligent features, including consultation with colleagues allowing the sending of labs and xray results for immediate viewing in a HIPAA compliant manner.


[/section] [section title=”Doctorcom | Michael Eiffert, MD, CEO”]

Doctorcom is finding success in providing telephony, HIPAA compliant messaging, consulting, and image transmission between physicians and healthcare providers. The technology uses desktop and mobile platforms.

Doctor Com

[/section] [section title=”Integral Spine | Herbert Mertens, CEO”]

Integral Spine’s newly patented technology is a game changer, by decreasing the invasiveness of vertebral interbody fusion surgery. It is a new procedure that does away with the huge metal stabilizers under current use, instead the procedure uses minimally invasive techniques and new implants that separate the vertebral bodies and stabilizes them.

Integral Spine Logo

[/section] [section title=”Evena Medical | Frank Ball, CEO”]

Evena Medical’s newly patented technology is the industry’s first fully integrated technology delivering vascular imaging and documentation of vein access and potency with real time  EMR interfacing.  It allows nurses and personnel to see veins better so that IV insertion is better and safer.  This provides hospitals with a documentation platform to provide better loss mitigation.

Evena Medical

[/section]  [section title=”PhysioInsight | Janell Gottesman, CEO”]

PhysioInsight provides a new platform technology for monitoring cardiac and autonomic nervous system parameters to determine provide users with feedback and guidance to minimize “anxiety stress” so that “work stress” is enhanced, creating higher performance and health. “Anxiety stress” in our society is the main factor in chronic illnesses due to enhanced cortisol production, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart disease.  The CDC has stated that chronic illness accounts for 75% of expenditures in direct healthcare costs in the United States.

Physio Insight Logo

[/section] [section title=”DocsVox | Bob Drazovich, CEO”]

The “Doctor’s Voice” or DocsVox is a new player in the PRM market, patient relationship management for mid size healthcare organizations which enhances consumer experience and data driven feedback to enhance performance and profitability.  The Salesforce of healthcare.

DocsVox Logo

[/section]  [section title=”Precise Light Surgical | Ken Arnold, CEO”]

Precise Light Surgical’s platform laser technology is novel for microsurgical procedures. Their newly patented technology will revolutionize surgery with a new physics in lasers that allows precise control of cutting and heating parameters.  This technology makes lasers safer with no damage to tissue from 1 cm away but extreme precision when the probe is placed to the tissue.  Focus in on plastic surgery, ENT surgery, and nerurosurgery.Precise Light Surgical Logo

[/section] [section title=”Orlucent | Walter Wong, CEO”]

Orlucent provides a novel approach at diagnosing skin melanoma using a medical imaging device.

Orlucent Logo

[/section]  [section title=”Barrostat | Steve Golden, CEO”]

Barrostat is a medical device that improves the diagnostic evaluation of barret’s esophagus.

[/section] [section title=”Genogen | Nancy Mize, CEO”]

Genogen is a new technology for stimulating skin stem cells to enhance skin and hair follicle growth and healing.

[/section]  [section title=”Morpheus Medical | Fabian Beckers, CEO”]

Morpheus Medical provides a revolutionary, new software that renders MRI images into 3D flow dynamic representation allowing better evaluation of structural defects.

Morpheus logo



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