Our Process

Venture Med’s Process for Startup Presentations.


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Startup Healthcare companies that apply typically are seeking a Seed round or Series A Funding.
Companies interested in applying to Venture-Med Angels should download the application, then send in the completed  application and executive summary by email or fax.


Applications are screened for a proper fit and maturity.  We prefer to evaluate early stage companies that have IP, a strong team, and domain expertise. We select 2 companies to present to our group monthly. We focus on companies that have the highest probability of delivering the rule of 3: Less than $3M total invested, returns in less than 3 yrs and an ROI greater than 3X.

Companies that pass screening will be invited to present.

Startup Presentation Meeting (Free to present)

The presentations are 10 min long (15 slides or less), followed by a 10 min Q&A session. Please make sure that you follow the time frame accurately.  We do not want to run overtime on our event.

Investor Analysis Conference Calls

The week following the recorded event, one or two investor conference calls are hosted to allow sharing of opinion in order to arrive at a decision on the opportunity.  These conference calls may occur at any time when an accredited investor is interested in more information.

Review of Corporate Documents

Every startup company is provided with a copy of our Due Diligence Guide.  Please follow this guide to have all documents ready to review.  We will place these into a drop box and release them upon your approval to accredited investors.

Site Visit

It is recommended that investors perform a site visit on all companies they are interested in investing. Please be prepared to provide a site visit at your facility or other another professional site of a partner.

Term Sheets are Negotiated

After determining the buy in for each investor, the term sheet is negotiated.  This may be a convertible note or equity deal depending on the stage of the company.  Seed rounds are typically convertible notes, where series A rounds are equity.  The longer the Angels can stay away from VC money, the better the potential returns.  It is in the best interest of the group to properly fund each deal in order to keep the CEO satisfied and distanced from the VC interest. It is also very important to have the company fully funded.  These negotiations should be done between your attorney, in reviewing term sheets and modifications.

Value Added

Venture-Med is the latest angel investment group in Silicon Valley and we will provide you with exposure to accredited investors, and syndicate with other angel groups.  Please use the following resources to help you prepare for you presentation and due diligence process.  Be prepared and have fun.

Syndication Disclaimer

Accredited investors are responsible for their own Due Diligence and accept all potential downside risks associated with their decision to invest.  Venture-Med is not a broker dealer and is an angel investment group that has come into a mutual decision to syndicate on this opportunity and to share confidential information regarding the evaluation of potential investments.  Venture-Med has the expertise to better evaluate medical device and healthcare startups and is pleased to syndicate with other angel groups on these opportunities.


Due Diligence and Disclaimer

The due diligence process is negotiated between the interested investors and the companies seeking funding. Venture-Med does not perform any due diligence, except to the extent that the group needs to determine the relative quality of a startup company for the purpose of presentation to the group only.  Venture-Med and its members do not vouch for the risk involved in investing in any of the companies presented to the group, requires that investors interested in presenting companies be accredited investors, and does not engage in the sale or resale of securities.

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