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Headers MDF_960x360_16Venture-Med Angels embrace imagination, innovation, and communication. These are the three things that form the basis of our endeavor.

Venture-Med Angels have a special mission in mind.  We focus on healthcare and medical device start-up companies to help fund and guide them.  These are the innovations that will help doctors and patients secure a better future by providing the most advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and information technology.

Imagine the impossible, because that is the future.

Innovate to create a new world, because your children will need it.

Communicate with everyone, because humanity will benefit.


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Membership benefits include:

10 Key Membership benefits:

1.   Participating in the evaluation innovative technologies and opportunities.

2.   Understanding better due diligence processes.

3.   Meeting industry experts and understanding industry trends.

4.   Learning how to evaluate companies in a more systematic way.

5.   Privilege of membership in an organization focused on improving healthcare technologies.

6.   Participate in the sharing of important venture and business intelligence.

7.   Participate in the communication with Healthcare specific Venture Capital.

8.   Participate in the diversification of your investment portfolio.

9.   Participate in sharing and learning from the group knowledge.

10. Participate in the advancement in a common good.

Venture-Med is an exclusive membership of accredited investors.  If you are interested in knowing more, please follow the button below to the membership inquiry page. We will follow up with you once we receive your request. Thank you.


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