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Spry Health launches clinician-led monitoring services for patients at-risk for COVID-19. Spry Health has launched a clinician-led monitoring service, utilizing the company’s FDA-cleared Loop System, to reduce avoidable hospital visits, optimize resources, and improve at home monitoring of patients at risk for COVID-19.

Calling All Providers in Jersey City: In response to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, HealCo is offering highly-discounted medical office space to providers looking to treat non-emergent patients during this pandemic.

HealCo is Airbnb for medical office sharing — where healthcare providers can expand their practices into new communities by leasing medical space in part-time increments. With two Jersey City locations, each provider will have access to a reception area, bathrooms, two exam rooms, a consultation room, administrative space, and two individual garage spots.

In an effort to temper crowded emergency rooms, HealCo invites high-value providers to lease space near local hospitals yet outside of areas that are high-risk for COVID-19 spread.

By visiting HealCo-managed medical offices for immediate care, patients can return to their homes and allow emergency doctors to focus on immunocompromised patients. HealCo’s plan to partner with high-value providers aims to provide quality care at the lowest cost possible.

Medical professionals are advising anyone with typically benign symptoms to stay home, but the “worried well,” or patients who mistake their minor ailments for signs of COVID-19, can be redirected to HealCo’s Jersey City property — rather than clogging local emergency rooms and risking potential exposure.

With elevated cases of the regular, seasonal flu expected through May, populations will likely remain skeptical of every sneeze and cough. By temporarily leasing space in a HealCo office for non-emergent medicine, providers can grow their practice in downtown Jersey City while keeping patients out of local hospitals. Get in touch to learn more.

Carrum Health announced it is standing with the U.S. Surgeon General by stopping all elective procedures to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and free up hospital resources.

“We all have a social responsibility to do what’s best for public health and to take a stand for what’s right,” said Carrum Health Co-founder and CEO Sach Jain. “Right now, the most important thing we can do is protect the welfare of patients, doctors, nurses and the system itself. By postponing procedures, we’re doing what we can to ensure the safety of patients and give our clinical partners the resources and support they need to care for the sick.”

Carrum has issued letters to its team and clients alerting them that all elective procedures through April 30 will be postponed. The company’s bundled payment platform, which connects employers and employees directly with Centers of Excellence (COEs), is used by more than 100 self-insured employers, ranging in size from 2,000 employees and dependents to more than 180,000. These include public service organizations throughout the states of California, Maine and Connecticut, as well as leading Fortune 500 companies like US Foods. Carrum has also issued letters to its COE partners, which include leading hospitals and facilities like Rothman Orthopaedic Institute, Rush Health, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Stanford Health Care and Scripps.

Element Science closed a $145.6 million Series C round to support the launch of of its wearable defibrillators. Deerfield Healthcare and Qiming Venture Partners USA led the funding round, with participation from Cormorant Asset Management, Invus Opportunities, Third Rock Ventures and Google Ventures. To read more, click here.

Source: StartUPDATES: New developments for healthcare startups